The following refund policy to the services and website of Shopping Area, which is further described below:

Apply for Refund

To place a refund, return or exchange request for a booking placed with Hujjaj Taxi, You would need to contact Hujjaj Taxi via email at refund@hujjajumrahtaxi.com, providing a reason for your request in order to speed up your refund process. Refunds will be submitted electronically by email and the funds repaid to the customers normally at 7-11 working days.


(1) According to your wish you can get a refund for the journey you paid, which requires the cancellation should be more than 24 hours before the trip. Minimum fees of 4% of the total amount subject to the cancellations of trips. (2) Reservation canceled just 12 Hours before the trip will be refunded only 50% of the trip. (3) Reservation canceled just 4 hours before the trip will be refunded only 25% of the trip. (4) For a wrong date, wrong flight number, and other inaccurate information, there will be a no refund. (5) In case of the driver already arrived at the hotel, airport, or any residence mention by you, there will be a no refund.

Changes on the Spot

(1) At the time of pickup, in case you want to switch the vehicle to a bigger vehicle, increased payment will be paid by the customer to the driver on the spot. (2) Waiting time is 2 hours at the airport and 1 hour at the pickup location, after that company will be responsible to cancel the trip without any refund.

Exceptional Circumstances

(1) If there is any uncommon or rare condition, hujjaj taxi has the right to cancel the bookings, charges shall be refunded to the customer in this case. Further not any refund claim shall exist. (2) On the off chance for example destination is a pause due to the vehicle stop working, hujjaj taxi reserves the right to use another vehicle to complete the destination.

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